In 1970, funded by memorial gifts from Units, a loan from Auxiliary funds, and an inheritance to the Auxiliary from a former member, the Auxiliary Emergency Fund was established.  This fund, which provides emergency assistance to a member for a limited period of time, provided she has been a member of the Auxiliary for the immediate past three consecutive years and has her current year's dues paid, is supported by contributions from our Units and members.

Another kind of emergency has been recognized by the Auxiliary - the emergency a woman faces when she is suddenly single - deserted, divorced, or widowed, with no skills to support herself or her family. This area deals strictly with the need of a member to brush up on former job-related skills seldom used as she raised her family.  It is to give immediate, rather than long-term, assistance.  The criteria is similar to that of the Auxiliary Emergency Fund, including the requirement that she must have exhausted other means of job-preparation assistance.

1. Encourage chairmanship in each Unit.
2. Encourage distribution of information (brochure) to every member when they receive their membership card.
3. Make Applications available to each unit through Department Office.
4. Encourage contributions through Unit Memorials.
5. Monthly bulletins from Division Chairman to Departments.
6. California – increase donations to Displaced Homemakers Fund.
7. Note the increase in donation from $15 to $25 to receive AEF pin.