Take care of disabled ex-service women.
Promote the Auxiliary Unit Member of the Year.  She is chosen for her accomplishments in her own Unit during the current year.  She will not attain any other office outside of the Unit. She will give unselfishly of her time and talents with little or no recognition.

Units of the American Legion Auxiliary all have hard working dedicated members who give of their time and talent to further the aims and purposes of our organization, but have no desire to serve beyond the Unit level.  In order to recognize such dedicated service each Unit may select one candidate for Unit Member of the Year in their Department.  Each Department will select the Unit Member of the Year for that Department who will be honored at the National Convention.  Contact Department Headquarters for further information.
Salute to an Active Duty Service Woman or Woman Veteran
A service woman from each branch of service will be recognized during the Department Convention.

1. Nominees should be willing to attend the Department Convention, if possible and if selected as the overall Department winner should be willingb to attend the National Convention.
2. A brief narrative of their military service should be included.
3. A narrative by the nominee, not to exceed 750 words, about "Why I support women's role in today's armed forces."
4. Entry must have the Nominee's name, address, Unit Name and Number, and the signature of the Unit President or Past Presidents Parley Chairman.
5. One applicant for each branch of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) per Unit.
6. All entries must be post-marked by the deadline date and sent to the Department Past Presidents Parley Chairman.

The Department of California offers a Nursing Scholarship Application through the Parley. This support is intended for a man or woman who is educationally working toward becoming a nurse. Units are urged to continue to provide scholarships for student nurses. Our efforts in this area are important and help to relieve the nursing shortage as well as improve the quality of health care.

ALA Scholarships

Through the Past Presidents Parley Committee, the women who have served as Unit, District, Department, and National President can continue in active service in the Auxiliary.  It has no special activities in its charge besides its objective, "The Care of the Disabled Exservicewomen," unless so assigned by the Unit, District, Department, or National Organization, but gives its support to the entire American Legion Auxiliary program.  The training and experience of Past Presidents can be highly useful in any activity needing special The Past Presidents Parley was considered a subsidiary organization of the American Legion Auxiliary until 1943, when its status was changed by National Convention action to that of a national standing committee.  Payment of Parley dues and election of Parley officers were discontinued.  Past National Presidents are appointed to serve as Chairman of the National Past National Presidents Parley Committee.

Rules pertaining to the Past Presidents Parley are as follows:
1.  The Past Presidents Parley is a standing committee of the American Legion Auxiliary.
2.  Its objective is the promotion of the activities of the Auxiliary, with special consideration given to exservicewomen
3.  Parleys may be organized at the Unit, District, and Department level.
4.  A member of the Past Presidents Parley must be a member in good standing in her own Unit.
5.  Poppy Funds may be allocated to the Committee if such funds are used solely for the direct welfare of exservicewomen.