Unit Development & Revitalization (UD&R)

UD&R is a grass roots program and is designed to energize and encourage all unit members. The objective is to stop the decline in members, decrease charter cancellations, charter new units and develop mentor programs that insure growth.

Better Communication - Encourage immediate and consistent communication with new members. Public Relations - When National UD&R visits departments for workshop training, revitalizing areas and organizing new units, use Public Service Announcements, radio ads and newspaper ads to advertise.
Mentor Programs - Help establish ?big sister/little sister? Committees encouraging one-on-one mentoring with new members to keep them interested and connected to the unit. Capable mentors are necessary to assist struggling units before canceling their charter and in organizing new units.
Kindness - It goes a long way. Discourage bad behavior by encouraging a better attitude that attracts new members and keeps them renewing.

Closing the Gap - Chartering units is a constant objective of UD&R. American Legion Posts are much stronger with an Auxiliary unit. We will encourage and assist with organizing new units. We will encourage and assist with organizing new units. UD&R will work closely with Membership to close the gap between The American Legion and the Auxiliary membership. UD&R is committed to continuing the strong legacy of the American Legion Auxiliary by providing help and training to departments, while they continue developing their UD & R program. Department State Headquarters may request a National UD & R representative to conduct a workshop.